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Quarterly Express Plus Supports e-file for Forms 720, 2290 and 8849

Our Quarterly Express Plus Software now supports all Excise Tax Returns for e-filing.  



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Form 720

$19.95 each return



Form 2290

$19.95 each return


Supports up to 1000 trucks for one low price.

Form 8849

$24.95 each return




Please note that you must have at least a Business Taxpayer License to use this software.  Licenses cost only $9.95 per year.

This software is Windows compatible and can run on all of their versions.

This software will allow you to file any 720 excise tax including section 133 taxes, and Form 6627 and 6197 schedules.

On Form 2290, you can file your return in minutes due to our automated calculations.  Payments can be made using EFT right in the software during the signature process.

On Form 8849, all schedules are supported for e-file which will speed up the processing of your claim.

 See our web site for more information.