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Business Payroll Tax Filer


Specifics for a Business Payroll Tax Filer

    • Requirements 
      • A Business Taxpayer license for Quarterly Express Plus 
    • Signature 
    • The authorized signer for your company would use their mouse to sign the return prior to submission. 
    • PIN numbers are not available within the current version of MeF e-File, however that could change in the future. 
  • Transmission 
    • We use https to transfer data from your machine to our local servers. As long as https(port 443) is allowed, the transmission should work properly. 
  • Pricing 
    • The filing service for a Business Excise Tax Filer is as follows: 
      • Form 941 : $7.95 per filing 
      • Form 940 : $7.95 per filing 
      • Form 943 : $7.95 per filing
      • Form 944 : $7.95 per filing
      • Form 945 : $7.95 per filing
      • Any return including a balance due payment will be an additional $2.00. 
  • Payment Methods 
    • Visa/Mastercard/Discover/AMEX 
    • Direct Debit from your Checking account 
    • Pre-Paid Invoice 
  • Excise Returns 
    • This license also would allow you to file your excise returns electronically. See the Excise Tax Filer for more specifics.