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Indirect Reporting Agent License

$150.00 per year

By purchasing an Indirect Reporting Agent License you will receive the following: 
  • A download link to the latest version of our Quarterly Express Plus software.  
  • A license code to activate the Quarterly Express Software at the Indirect Reporting Agent level. This will allow you to create returns and submit them to Lewis Software for processing. 
  • The ability to import returns assuming you have data in our supported import format. The samples are located in the Import folder under the software installation directory. 
    • 94x Returns are $3.50 per filing. 
    • 720 Returns are $19.95 per filing.
    • 2290 Returns are $19.95 per filing.
    • 8849 Returns are $24.95 per filing.
    • ACA Returns are $3.00 each with potential volume discounts.
    • ACA Import capability is included with this license. 
    • General Support for the product. 
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