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Indirect Reporting Agents

Indirect Reporting Agent Filer Specifics

  • Indirect Agent Requirements:  
    • An ERO/Indirect Reporting Agent License,  
    • An Indirect Reporting Agent would need the following items from the IRS:  
      • EFIN : Electronic Filer Identification Number  
      • Reporting Agent PIN  
      • PTIN : Preparer Tax Identification Number  
    • The EFIN and Reporting Agent PIN would be required to use our software as an Indirect agent.  The PTIN can be used, but is not required.  
  • Signature:  
    • A Reporting Agent would use their EFIN and Reporting Agent PIN to sign all returns.  
    • In order to stay in compliance with the IRS, insure that all companies have a signed 8655 on file with them.  
  • Pricing  
    • As a licensed indirect user of the filing service for an ERO/Indirect Agent is as follows:  
      • Form 941   : $3.50 per filing  
      • Form 940   : $3.50 per filing  
      • Form 943   : $3.50 per filing  
      • Form 944   : $3.50 per filing 
      • Form 945   : $3.50 per filing  
    • Any return including a balance due payment will be an additional $2.00.  
  • Imported Returns  
      • Returns can be imported using this feature and they will be processed by Lewis Software at the per-return rate listed above.  
  • Excise Returns  
    • This license also would allow you to file your excise returns electronically.  See the Excise Tax Filer for more specifics.