About Lewis Software Associates, LLC

Lewis Software Associates, LLC was founded in 1999 by N. Wayne Lewis and his wife Carolyn. The company started with the introduction of our flagship product called Maryland Express that was utilized by many in the State of Maryland for e-filing their state tax returns for TY1999, TY2000 and TY2001. In 2001, we introduced our 941Express product that allowed for e-filing of 941, 944 and 940 tax returns.

Over the past 20 years, 941Express has been adopted by many Fortune 1000 corporations for the e-filing of their payroll tax returns. We introduced interfaces to the product in 2004 that allowed us to now become the product of choice for many Service Bureau software products.

Now we have Quarterly Express Plus which fully extends our reach into new industries while accepting Excise, Payroll, State and Information returns. Quarterly Express Plus was introduced in 2014 and replaced our very successful 941Express product.

Lewis Software Associates, LLC is responsible for tens of thousands of returns filed within the IRS e-File system each and every year and our product lines will continue to grow in the near future. Wayne was employed for 23 years as a System Architect-Software Developer for many different organizations such as EDS and Hewlett Packard. As Christian business owners, we commit to providing a quality product for a good value.