Advanced Reporting Agent License

$1,295.00 per year

By purchasing an Advanced Reporting Agent license, you will receive the following:

  • A download link to the latest version of our Quarterly Express Plus software.
  • A license code to activate the Quarterly Express Software at the Advanced Reporting Agent Level.
  • This will allow you to create returns and submit them to the IRS directly without any additional cost. This is our unlimited return option with respect to 94x payroll related returns.
  • The ability to import 94x returns assuming you have data in our supported import format or an IRS compliant XML file. The samples are located in the Import folder under the software installation directory.
  • The ability to create excise returns and file them indirectly to Lewis Software. The pricing model is identical to an Indirect Reporting Agent.
  • The ability to import ACA forms directly into the software using Excel, Tab Delimited or XML formats.
  • An additional license is needed to allow for direct e-file of ACA returns to the IRS.
  • General Support for the product.

Click here to purchase your Quarterly Express Advanced Reporting Agent License