Business Taxpayer FAQ

1. Why can’t I create returns using the new software?

This software must be activated with a license before you can create new returns. This license should have been delivered in a separate e-mail after the purchase, or prepaid purchase of a license. If you can’t locate the license key, contact us at

2. Why am I printing blank pages when attempting to print my return?

The software contains a Forms folder that should have the print templates installed. It is possible that those print templates are missing if you haven’t updated your software recently. Go to the Settings menu and choose the Check for Updates menu option. This will update your software to the latest version and update the print form templates as well.

3. What is the “Sign Return” option and why must I sign my return when I have a 10 digit PIN?

Quarterly Express Plus has 2 ways that a return can be signed. As a result, we have a Sign Return option that allows you to specify that you will sign using your 10 digit PIN (checkbox) assuming the PIN is already in the company database. Filers that don’t have a PIN, can use the lower portion of the signature page to provide a signature image with your mouse that will be applied to an 8453-EMP form and submitted with your return. All signers must complete the Signature Details dialog before choose the Finalize Signature option. See Signing Returns in the Help System for more detail.

4. My Quarterly Express Software won’t save the license, or any of my data?

The Quarterly Express Plus software uses a repository to save information that will either be located in the default application data directory, or under the main directory of the software that was chosen during installation. Many times if an Administrator installs the product, the repository may not be available for the user when they try to use the software. Click on the Settings menu, and select the Set DB (or Repository) Location and if it is in the right location, click on the option to Create Data Directories which will insure that all of the necessary locations exist under the selected location.  Now uncheck the box and restart the software.

5. When creating a return, the screen jumps around instead of scrolling and I can’t see the fields with the descriptions?
A new form can be adjusted to fit smaller screens by choosing the column dividers on the first row, and adjusting them. By adjusting the columns, it can allow you to see all of the columns on smaller screens and prevent the jumping around.

6. What is a Name Control and why do I need one?

A Name Control is a 4 character code used by the IRS to confirm the identity of a company. The older e-file system did not require this code, but the new MEF system does. This 4 character code is normally made up of the first 4 significant characters in the name. View our Help for Name Controls for more details.

7. How do I complete the e-File Settings dialog as a Business Taxpayer?

A Business taxpayer should only complete the items above the line in the e-File Settings dialog. If desired, the Third Party Designee PIN (5 digit self select) or the PTIN (Preparer Tax Identification Number) can be added, but is not necessary. Everything else in the lower section should be blank.

8. How do I transmit my returns to Lewis Software?

A Business taxpayer will send their returns to Lewis Software using the “Transmit to LSA” menu option. This option will only be available if the return does not have the “Show Errors” option available meaning that there are no errors, and if the return has been signed properly.

9. Why can’t I select the Show Errors button?

Show Errors in Quarterly Express does not behave like Verify Return in 941Express. Show Errors is continually looking at the return and if there is an issue, it will be available to provide information on the problem. If you complete you return and Show Errors is not available, then the return is clean and you can proceed.