Direct Reporting Agents


Direct Reporting Agent Filer Specifics

  • Direct Agent Requirements:
    • A Standard Reporting Agent License,
    • or an Advanced Reporting Agent License
    • A Direct Reporting Agent would need the following items from the IRS:
      • EFIN : Electronic Filer Identification Number
      • Reporting Agent PIN
      • ETIN : Electronic Transmitter Identification Number
    • The EFIN and Reporting Agent PIN, and ETIN would be required to use our software as a direct filing agent. The PTIN can be used, but is not required.
  • Signature:
    • A Reporting Agent would use their EFIN and Reporting Agent PIN to sign all returns.
    • In order to stay in compliance with the IRS, insure that all companies have a signed 8655 on file with them.
  • Pricing
    • As a Direct Filer, there is no per return fee for using this software for payroll returns. You can process as many returns as you like without additional cost.
  • Imported Returns
    • Users with a Standard License cannot import returns except for ACA forms.
    • Only Users with an Advanced or Indirect License can import returns and prepare them for transmission to the IRS.
  • Excise Returns
    • This license also would allow you to file your excise returns electronically, however they would be processed indirectly through Lewis Software and would be subject to the per return fee. If you are interested in transmitting Excise Returns along with Payroll Returns to the IRS. See the Excise Tax Filer for more specifics.