Features of Quarterly Express Plus

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  • Quarterly Express Plus is Windows compatible (XP,7,8,10 etc) and comes with a very simple installation process.
  • Allows Business Taxpayers, ERO’s, PEO’s and Reporting Agents to quickly complete Business Tax Returns and submit them for e-file.
    • Quarterly Express currently supports the following forms:
    • Payroll Tax Forms : 941, Schedule B, Schedule R, Annual 940, 940-PR, 943, 943-PR, 944 and 945 forms.
    • Excise Tax Forms : 720, Schedule A, Schedule C, Schedule T, Form 6197, and Form 6627 E
    • Excise Tax Forms : 2290, Schedule 1
    • Excise Tax Froms : 8849, Schedule 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8.
    • State Tax Forms : NYS-1, NYS-45, IL-941, CA DE9, CA DE9C and LA L1.┬á Soon Wisconsin WT-6 and WT-7.
    • ACA Forms : 1094-B, 1094-C, 1095-B, 1095-C
  • Quarterly Express limits your data input by copying the company information into each return after creation.
  • Quarterly Express will automatically calculate the return. You only enter non-calculated numbers into the software during preparation.
  • Quarterly Express fully interfaces with the IRS MeF System for both Payroll and Excise Taxes.
  • Quarterly Express Plus supports the AIR System for e-filing of ACA Forms.
  • Supports an Indirect method for filing for Business Taxpayers, ERO’s, PEO’s and Reporting Agents.
  • Supports a Direct method of filing for Reporting Agents, and other tax professionals who have the capability and access.
  • Provides a Direct method of filing to New York State, Illinois, California and Louisiana without a per return fee for certain licensees.
  • Allows for the submission of signed returns using our signature capture capability and support for uploaded scanned documents as well.
  • The software will provide printed copies of all returns completed within the product.