Professional Payroll (ERO) Tax Filer

Professional Payroll Tax Filer Specifics

  • Requirements:
    • An ERO/Indirect Reporting Agent License for Quarterly Express.
    • A Payroll professional would typically have the following things from the IRS:
      • EFIN : Electronic Filer Identification Number
      • PTIN : Preparer Tax Identification Number
    • The EFIN would be required to use our software as an Indirect or Direct filing agent. The PTIN can be used, but is not required.
  • Signature:
    • A payroll professional would sign each return using a combination of their EFIN and a five digit number of their choosing.
    • This numeric combination is called the Practitioner PIN within the IRS guidelines.
    • The practitioner should maintain a signed 8879 form on file while using this process.
    • The 8879 is not transmitted to the IRS.

  • Pricing
    • Refer to the Reporting Agent Section of the main pricing page.
    • Any return including a balance due payment will be an additional $2.00.
  • Imported Returns
    • Returns can be imported using this feature and they will be processed by Lewis Software at the per-return rate listed above.
  • Excise Returns
    • This license also would allow you to file your excise returns electronically. See the Excise Tax Filer for more specifics.