Quarterly Express Plus Adds ACA e-File Capability

Our Quarterly Express Plus Software now supports e-filing of Forms 1094-B, 1094-C, 1095-B and 1095-C. This functionality is available to all existing licensed users with some additional features that can be added on certain license types.

If you are a Business Taxpayer, or an ERO, you can use the software to create and transmit ACA returns indirectly to Lewis Software for processing (pricing on web site). Both of these licenses can add the ability to import 1095 information by adding that license to their software. We can import files that follow our standard in the Excel or Tab delimited format. We can also import ACA XML files if your vendor has created a file, but you don’t have a TCC (Transmitter Control Code) for transmission.

All Reporting Agents will automatically gain access to the import function.

If you are a Standard, or Advanced Reporting Agent, you can add the ability to create files that can be directly uploaded to the AIR system. This option provides you the ability to file returns in an unlimited fashion. Keep in mind that you must already have a valid TCC and you must submit a communications test to the IRS in order for your TCC to be switched to production mode.

See our web site for more information.