Quarterly Express Plus Interface Specification for PY2019 (v3.3.x)

The latest Interface Specification for Processing Year 2020 has been released. Main additions to the interface are as follows:

  1. All Yearly Payroll templates now include information for TY2019.
  2. Form 943 can now be imported using either Excel or our Tab Delimited formatting.
  3. XML importing is now available for Forms 941, 940 including Schedule R and Form 8974 for the Payroll Tax Credit.
  4. Interface templates for (Illinois ) IL-941, (California) DE9/DE9C and (Louisiana) L1 are included in the software.  (New York) NYS-1 and NYS-45’s can also be imported using the Mag Media Files they support.

Quarterly Express Plus Interface Specification and Templates PY2019 (v3.3.x)