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e-File your Form 720 and 8849 using Quarterly Express Plus

Quarterly Express Plus allows you to create a Form 720 return inside our software, and e-file that return to the IRS through Lewis Software Associates, LLC.  We support all Schedules and in most cases, you can also include your Schedule C claims as well.  Purchase your Business Taxpayer license below and get started with the process:

Pricing for e-filing Forms 720 and 8849

  • e-File your 720 for $19.95 with an additional $2.00 if you are paying a balance due.
  • e-File your 8849 for $24.95 and speed up that refund from the IRS.

Get Started by purchasing your Business Taxpayer License below:

  • Business Taxpayer License
  • You will get a link to download the software and a license code to activate the software.
  • Simply complete the upper section of the e-File Settings dialog.
  • Now add your company in the database.
  • Right click on the company in the left pane, and create your From 720 or 8849.
  • Sign it and submit it to us for processing.