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PEO’s can e-file their Form 940’s and 941’s including Schedule R now with Quarterly Express Plus

Quarterly Express Plus now supports 2 licenses for e-filing returns for PEO (Professional Employer Organizations)

  • PEO’s who are filing returns for EIN’s that contain less than 1000 EIN’s on their Schedule R can use our PEO License.
    • The PEO License costs $150.00 per year and allows for importing data from XML sources such as Mastertax.
    • Each return with a Schedule R included will cost $19.95 per return.
  • PEO’s with more than 1000 EIN’s on their Schedule R will use our Advanced PEO License.
    • The Advanced PEO License costs $595.00 per year, and allows for importing of XML data as well.
    • Each return containing the Schedule R will cost $19.95 per return when filed indirectly.