About Quarterly Express Plus Software

This software product is a Windows compatible executable written in Visual C++ on the Windows 10 Operating system. It was originally introduced in July of 2014 and operates within your own local Windows environment and security footprint. It should be installed locally on the windows machine, but can store information on any shared drive available to the machine.

About Lewis Software Associates, LLC

Lewis Software Associates, LLC was established in 1999 as a software consulting firm whose first commercial product was called Maryland Express. This software allowed individuals to e-file their Maryland 502 and 503 tax forms to the state of Maryland. In 2001, we introduced 941Express in conjunction with the IRS implementing e-file for payroll returns within their business platform. This product grew tremendously over the years, and was succeeded by Quarterly Express Plus in 2014 with a new system foundation and the ability to support many more form types. Over the past several years, we have added Excise, Withholding and Information returns to the product to significantly expand our product offerings.

This company was founded and is operated by N. Wayne Lewis and his wife Carolyn Lewis. Wayne worked for many different technology companies such as HP, and EDS during his career as a Systems Architect.