Payroll Taxes

Seamless Federal Payroll E-filing with Quarterly Express Plus Software. Our Quarterly Express Plus software is your trusted solution for e-filing all Federal Payroll returns. It’s compatible with both Windows and MAC operating systems, ensuring broad accessibility. Explore the supported returns and features below:

Form 940

Federal Unemployment Return which is due on January 31st for the previous calendar year.

  • Supports Schedule A, and Schedule R
  • You can file previous year returns that are 3 years old or less
  • Includes Credit Reductions where necessary as defined by the Department of Labor.
  • Zero Returns can be supported.
  • Payments can be made for balances under $500.00
  • Import capability available for certain license types (Indirect and Advanced Reporting Agent Licenses)

Form 941

Federal Employers Quarterly Tax Return

  • Supports Schedule B, Schedule R, Form 8974 along with the COVID Worksheet(s)
  • Payments can be made if balance is lower than $2500.00 for the quarter. This is an IRS restriction.
  • Past returns can be filed if not older than 3 years.
  • Zero Returns are supported.
  • Import capability is available for certain licenses.

Form 943

Federal Quarterly Tax Return for Agricultural Employees

  • Supports 945A Attachment.
  • Payments can be made when submitting this return type.
  • Import capability is available for certain licenses

Form 944

Federal Annual Employers Tax Return

  • Supports 945A Attachment
  • Payments can be made if balance is lower than $2500.. This is an IRS restriction.
  • Import Capability is available to certain licenses.

Form 945

Annual Return of Withheld Federal Income Tax

  • Supports 945A Attachment
  • Payments can be made when submitting this return.
  • Manual entry is supported, but no import.

Choose User Type

Business Taxpayer

This is the main user type within our system and is normally an employee of the company filing the return, or the owner of the business. This type of user can file any type of return indirectly using our Quarterly Express Plus Filing Service. Signature options are normally using IRS allowed PINs, or performing signature image capture within our product

ERO (Electronic Returns Originator)

An Electronic return originator is typically a tax specialist who operates as a CPA, payroll agent or a general tax professional. An ERO is required to use their own EFIN to file returns using their Practitioner PIN and the taxpayer’s PIN as a valid signature. An ERO would only file returns indirectly using our software.

Reporting Agent

A Reporting Agent is authorized to file payroll returns for their clients as a result of filing forms 8655 with the IRS. Most reporting agents are payroll providers who also are required to use their own EFIN, and obtain a Reporting Agent PIN for their signature on returns. A reporting agent can file direct or indirect using our software. Direct filers would need to obtain an ETIN also from the IRS.

PEO (Professional Employer Organization)

A Professional Employer Organization is authorized to file their customers payroll returns under a single EIN. A Certified PEO can use our software to report their customers information on the Schedule R which is required. PEO’s can sign their returns using a 10 digit signature PIN, or signature image capture within our software. PEO’s can file direct and Indirect using our software. A Direct PEO would be required to obtain their own EFIN and ETIN as well.