ERO (Electronic Return Originator)


ERO licensing options:

ERO Standard License

  • The cost is $35.00 per year.
  • The ability to sign submitted returns using the Practitioner PIN as defined by the IRS.
  • 941 Returns are $5.50 per filing.
  • 94x Annual returns are $6.75 per filing.
  • 720 Returns are $19.95 per filing.
  • 2290 Returns are $19.95 per filing.
  • 8849 Returns are $24.95 per filing.
  • ACA Returns are $3.00 each with potential volume discounts.
  • ACA Import capability can be added to this license.
  • Add $2.00 to any return that includes a balance due payment.
  • General Support for the product.

ERO License with Import

  • Add import capability to your ERO license and you can import data from any interface partner including Quickbooks through our collaboration with Qtools.
  • Cost of this license is $99.95 per year. (any interface license are sold separately)

A Mac Compatible version of this product is available. Contact us at for that separate download.

Experience efficiency and ease in completing your payroll and excise tax returns with Lewis Software’s cutting-edge ERO (Electronic Return Originator) solution. Our user-friendly platform empowers EROs to navigate the complexities of tax filing effortlessly.

Say goodbye to the hassle of manual paperwork and time-consuming processes. With Lewis Software, you can efficiently file your payroll and excise tax returns electronically, saving you valuable time and resources.

Our pricing model is designed to be cost-effective and straightforward, with a per-return fee for each filing. This ensures that you only pay for the returns you submit, aligning with your specific needs and budget.

Choose Lewis Software for a streamlined and budget-friendly solution to your tax filing requirements. Let us help you simplify tax compliance, so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business.

This product allows for ERO's to complete payroll and excise tax returns through Lewis Software. There is a per return fee for each return.