Business Taxpayer License


Windows: $20.00/year

MAC: $30.00/year

By purchasing a Business Taxpayer license, you will receive the following:

  • A download link to the latest version of our Quarterly Express Plus software.
  • A license code to activate the Quarterly Express Software at the Business Taxpayer level. This will allow you to create returns and submit them to Lewis Software for processing.
  • General Support for the product.
  • Pricing model for this license is as follows:
  • 94x Returns are $10.75 per filing.
  • 720 Returns are $19.95 per filing.
  • 2290 Returns are $19.95 per filing.
  • 8849 Returns are $24.95 per filing.
  • Add $2.00 to any return that includes a balance due payment.
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA) Returns (1094B, 1094C, 1095B, 1095C) are $3.00 each with potential volume discounts.
  • Click the checkbox to add the optional ACA Import capability to this license.
  • This license can be shared with 2 additional people by storing the repository in a shared location.

This license are required at a minimum for all users to create returns (Excise and Payroll) within the Quarterly Express system. The software will not operate for filing of returns without some type of license.


ACA Import License