PEO (Professional Employer Organization)

PEO Licensing Options:

PEO Standard License

  • This will allow you to create returns and submit them to the IRS indirectly through Lewis Software as the transmitter.
  • The ability to import 94x returns assuming you have data in our supported import format including Schedule B, Schedule R and Form 8974. The samples are located in the Import folder under the software installation directory.
  • The ability to sign returns as a Business Taxpayer, or ERO if they have an active EFIN.
  • The ability to create excise returns and file them indirectly through Lewis Software.
  • An additional license is needed to allow for import and e-file of ACA returns if desired.
  • General Support for the product.

Advanced Indirect PEO License Tier 1

  • In addition, this license allows for Schedule R entries of 10000 or less.
  • Additional tiers allow for more Schedule R entries if desired.

Advanced Direct PEO License

  • In addition, this license allows for a PEO to transmit their returns directly to the IRS using our signature options.
  • An EFIN and ETIN are required.

A Mac Compatible version of this product is available. Contact us at for that separate download.

This product allows for ERO's to complete payroll and excise tax returns through Lewis Software. There is a per return fee for each return.