Business Taxpayer PIN Options

The IRS has many options that allow you to sign returns using a PIN number. The PIN numbers are different for each program and below details how to use them with our software:

Business Taxpayer Information

94x Online PIN – This is the 10 digit PIN which is visible in the Company Database. This PIN has to be provided to you by the IRS after registration. You cannot just put a 10 digit number of your own in and have it work. If you have a PIN provided to you by the IRS previously, you can put it in this field and when you sign the returns, you can click the check box to use your 10 digit PIN to sign.

If you don’t have a 10 digit PIN, you can still file your return using the mouse signature option. With the mouse, you will generate a signature image in the lower portion of the signature screen and the software will use it to generate a 8453-EMP form for submission to the IRS with your return. Once you finalize the signature, this will happen automatically. Use this option to file your return when you don’t have a PIN or until it arrives.

You can register for a PIN by leaving the 94x Online PIN field blank in the company database for that company. Click on the 94x PIN Registration menu option and it will take you to a dialog that will allow you to apply. Please note, that you must provide a valid SSN of the person and all other information for the request to be honored. Also, you must pay the $5.00 fee prior to us processing the request. The option will not be available if you have something in the 94x PIN field.

Filing a 2290 using a PIN Signature

When completing the Company Database, leave the 94x Online PIN field blank and when you have completed and are ready to sign your 2290 return, the Signature Details dialog will allow you to enter a 5 digit PIN of your choosing (Self-Select) for the signature. Once you have completed that process, the return will be signed with that PIN and you will be able to proceed with the filing of your return.

Filing a 720 using a PIN Signature

The IRS does not currently allow for a Form 720 to be filed using a PIN. You must use the mouse signature option in all cases.