ERO Pin Information

ERO’s can use Quarterly Express Plus to file and sign returns using your IRS provided information and a few self select items.

The required information to file returns as an ERO are as follows:

EFIN – Electronic Filer Identification Number (IRS Assigned) You must register with the IRS Online 8633 to obtain this number. It can take between 45-90 days and requires suitability.
Put this number in the e-File Settings Dialog

PPIN – Practitioner PIN (Self Select) This self select number is also placed in the e-File Settings Dialog.

Taxpayer PIN – Self Select This number is technically selected by your client, but entered by you into the software.
During the signature process, in Signature Details, place the 5 digit number in the pin number field.
This must be done for each return submission as we don’t save the taxpayer PIN for future filings.

Please note that as an ERO, you will not use the 94x Online Filing PIN and will leave that field blank.