Invoice Information

Lewis Software Associates, LLC can invoice you for Quarterly Express Plus filing fees if desired. Invoices are pre-paid and will consist of 1 full year of service. Most companies will file 4 941’s and 1 940 per year and the invoice will contain all of those charges. If you are filing Excise returns such as Forms 720, 2290 or 8849 your intervals may be different. In order to request an invoice, please e-mail us at with the below information:

  1. The Company Name
  2. The Contact Person in the Accounting Office.
  3. The person using the Quarterly Express Plus product.
  4. The number of companies you are filing returns for each quarter.
  5. The types of returns you will be filing for each company.

With a pre-paid invoice, we will process returns but will not provide results until the invoice is satisfied.