Windows: $20.00/ year

MAC: $30.00/ year

By purchasing a Business Taxpayer license, you will receive the following:

  • A download link to the latest version of our Quarterly Express Plus software.
  • A license code to activate the Quarterly Express Software at the Business Taxpayer level. This will allow you to create returns and submit them to Lewis Software for processing.
  • General Support for the product.
  • Pricing model for this license is as follows:
  • 94x Returns are $7.95 per filing.
  • 720 Returns are $19.95 per filing.
  • 2290 Returns are $19.95 per filing.
  • 8849 Returns are $24.95 per filing.
  • ACA Returns are $3.00 each with potential volume discounts.
  • ACA Import capability can be added to this license.
  • Add $2.00 to any return that includes a balance due payment.

When it comes to tax compliance and efficiency, the Quarterly Express License is an absolute must-have for all users. This essential license paves the way for creating Excise and Payroll returns within the Quarterly Express system, ensuring that your filing process is not only smooth but also in full compliance with tax regulations.

Why is this license so crucial? The answer lies in the software’s functionality itself. Without the Quarterly Express License, the software won’t allow you to file returns. It acts as the key to unlock the full potential of this powerful tool.

By obtaining the Quarterly Express License, you’re taking a proactive step towards ensuring that your tax filing obligations are met effortlessly. No more struggling with complex processes or worrying about compliance issues. With this license in place, you can streamline your tax filing process and save valuable time and resources.

So, why wait? Don’t let tax season catch you unprepared. Get started today with the Quarterly Express License, and experience a hassle-free, efficient, and compliant tax filing journey.

This license is required at a minimum for all users to create returns (Excise and Payroll) within the Quarterly Express system. The software will not operate for filing of returns without some type of license.

New York Import

California Import

Louisiana Import

Illinois Import

Wisconsin Import

Georgia Import

Essential License for All Users: To create Excise and Payroll returns within the Quarterly Express system, this license is a minimum requirement. The software’s filing functionality depends on having the appropriate license in place.

Important: MAC Users: This software is compatible with the Windows Operating System. Mac Users can use Parallels or a Windows Emulator to use this software. it currently will not work natively on a Mac.

Notice: If you are filing a TY2019 2290 before July 1, 2019, it can not be processed with the IRS until that date. The return can be completed and submitted to Lewis Software, but we will be unable to complete processing until July 1st when the IRS brings up the TY2019 system for production use.

Instructions for completing your 2290 after installing and basic setup: