Introducing Quarterly Express Plus

Need to file 941's and 940's for previous years?

Our Windows based Quarterly Express Plus software provides you the ability to file any return electronically from 2014 to present.    Simply, purchase a Business Taxpayer License for $9.95, and file any 941 or 940 a simple low price of $7.95 per return.  There is an additional $2.00 if you are paying your balance due with the return.  You can also use this license to file any other returns supported by our software.  Give us a try!

Quarterly Express Plus Processing Year 2018 Update for Q2 and Q3

The latest version of our software is 2.7.x. which was released on June 30, 2018.  This update contains the following features:

  • Our new PEO License that allows PEO's to import data into our software and fully e-file their Federal 941/940 with Schedule R.
  • Indirect and Direct Filing of State Withholding Returns:
    • New York(NYS-45)
    • California (DE9/DE9C)
    • Illinois (IL-941)
    • Louisiana (L1)
  • Annual Updates for TY2018 Form 941, Form 720 and Form 8849.
  • Importing of XML data from other providers.

You can access this update by clicking Check for Updates in the software.


The easiest way to e-file your business tax returns with the IRS

Quarterly Express Plus can now support your Form 8849 Claims Service along with affordable 720 and 2290 e-filing. See more details on our pricing page or contact us at 877-854-0100 or