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Introducing Quarterly Express Plus

The easiest way to e-file your business payroll tax returns.

Lewis Software Associates, LLC has been providing e-file services for businesses for the past 15 years with our heavily utilized 941Express product. Now we introduce a new product that will continue to simplify your tax filing process.

Quarterly Express Plus

  1. Supports Federal Payroll Return Types: 
    1. Form 940 with Schedule A and Schedule R. 
    2. Form 941 with Schedule B and Schedule R 
    3. Form 943 with 943A  
    4. Form 944 
    5. Form 945 with 945A
  2.  Supports Federal Excise Return Types: 
    1. Form 720 with Schedule A, Schedule C, Schedule T, Form 6627 and Form 6197 
    2. Form 2290* 
    3. From 8849* 
  3. Will support NYS-1 and NYS-45 forms for the State of New York using the FSET Standards in June of 2015.
  4. The Software fully supports both Indirect, and Direct filing where the customer has access and credentials for IRS MeF. 

* - denotes form that will be available by 6/2015.