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Introducing Quarterly Express Plus

The easiest way to e-file your business payroll tax returns.

Lewis Software Associates, LLC has been providing e-file services for businesses for the past 15 years with our heavily utilized 941Express product. Now we introduce a new product that will continue to simplify your tax filing process.

Quarterly Express Plus

  1. Supports Federal Payroll Return Types: 
    1. Form 940 with Schedule A and Schedule R. 
    2. Form 941 with Schedule B and Schedule R 
    3. Form 943 with 943A  
    4. Form 944 
    5. Form 945 with 945A 
  2.  Supports Federal Excise Return Types: 
    1. Form 720 with Schedule A, Schedule C, Schedule T, Form 6627 and Form 6197 
    2. Form 2290* 
    3. From 8849* 
  3. The Software fully supports both Indirect, and Direct filing where the customer has access and credentials for IRS MeF. 

* - denotes form that will be available by 4/2015.